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Our founder and managing broker, Jeremy Miller developed the Commission-Pro Plan after years of experience in the real estate business and recognizing the frustration of paying overpriced commission fees. Jeremy set out to develop a solution for agents just like you, looking to grow their business, make more money and work more independently. By signing up and joining the VitalEquity team, agents automatically enroll in the Commission-Pro Plan. Agents are then able to choose the plan that meets their needs and works best for them, saving them time and money.

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Jeremy Miller | Owner and Broker

With years of mentorship and experience, Jeremy has become an expert in real estate and wants to share his success with other real estate entrepreneurs like you. His passion for home-buying and selling has lead him to create a firm that works for the agent so that you can experience freedom and success in your real estate career; working on your own time, in your own way.

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